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The First Entry

It's a boy!
It's a girl!
It's a hermaphrodite!

Since EHS has brought such a wonderful group of cosplayers together (And for some, to life), we figured, hey, why not a community? There's a community for everything else! Why not us?! ARE WE THAT UNIMPORTANT TO THE WORLD?!?!?!

No...of course not. 'Cause we are hidden in the pocky. Oohright.

So, yeah...let's not let this die out like katsucon_conga did. Ours is much prettier than that, and you know it! Just check out the userinfo. Two hours were put into making that, along with our sweat, highfives, Mountain Dew, and Karamel Sutra ice cream (as Amy refills my stash). Oh, and feel free to use real names on here, because the community will be closed to everyone but the people in it. *obtains carrier pigeon*

Amy says don't ask about the main picture: we were VERY bored. Hm...I suppose that's it. Until we can get everyone on our list to join, we will be posting the link to this community in our Livejournals every three days, and ask that those who join do the same as well. And....we're out...

+Signed, Amy and Lori+
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